Converting Multisim 10 Database to Multisim 11 version

Updated Dec 29, 2022



  • Multisim 10.0.1 Full
  • Multisim 11.0 Full

I am trying to convert my user database from Multisim 10 to Multisim 11. I go through the entire process and everything appears to work, but my user database remains empty. How can I fix this?

The following steps outline the method of migrating a database from Multisim 10 to Multisim 11.
  1. In Multisim 11, navigate to Tools»Database»Convert Database and then press the Select Source Database Names button as shown below.
  1. Select the User or Corporate database file. Click Open.
If you don’t know where your database file is located press Cancel and in the Multisim 10 Main Menu select Option» Global Preferences»Paths.
  1. Click the Start button.
  1. Select the Auto-Rename option and click the OK button.
  1. Click Close.
You should now be able to access all of your components.