PXI(e) System Does Not Correctly Identify More than One Chassis Connected via MXI

Updated Nov 27, 2017

Issue Details

I have setup my PXI(e) system with multiple chassis in a star or daisy chain configuration using MXI cards, but not all of my hardware is showing up correctly in NI MAX or my computer hangs on boot. Why is this happening?


If you are running into issues enumerating a large system, first ensure that your system can properly recognize a smaller subset (i.e. one chassis). Once you have verified that your system is compatible with a smaller PXI(e) system, try running the MXI BIOS Compatibility Software. This software can help systems compensate for BIOS's that cannot handle enumerating large complex PCI(e) architectures. 

If you have tried these steps and are still running into issues, please see the MXI Compatibility and Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide for additional steps.

Additional Information

Complex MXI configurations may pose a challenge for the BIOS of some systems to correctly enumerate all of the resources necessary, which may cause the system to freeze during boot or improperly recognize the devices in Windows. 

The maximum amount of buses available for any given PCIe root bus is 255. Each device in the system (including chassis and controller) will take up some amount of buses. Having a computer capable of enumerating all 255 buses does not mean that you can use 255 devices in one system. Since PXI systems are based off of the PCI bus, they take up far less resources than PXIe systems which are based off of the PCIe bus. See the Determining the Number and Range of PCI/PCI Express Root Bus Devices KnowledgeBase article for more information how to identify your root buses.


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