Connecting a PXI Chassis to a PC via MXI

Updated Aug 10, 2022



  • PXI-1000
  • MXI Cable
  • PXI Chassis
  • PXI Remote Control Module
  • PXI-1033
  • PXIe-1073
  • PCI-8361

  • I am looking to purchase a new PC, and would like to connect my PXI chassis via MXI cable. What specifications should I consider when purchasing my new PC?
  • I have a PXIe chassis, how do I communicate to it from my PC?
  • I have a chassis with an MXI controller built in, do I need another PXI card with a MXI interface to connect this to my host PC?

A PXI(e) chassis can be connected to a PC using a pair of PXI(e) and PCI(e) cards as shown below :

  1. Acquire a PXI(e) controller set that is compatible with your system:
  2. After selecting a PXI Remote Control Module one of the required accessories is a PCI/PCIe-MXI controller that will plug into the computer or Laptop.
    • You do not need to purchase another PCI/PCIe-MXI controller if you already have one that is compatible with your PXI Remote Control Module.
  3. After receiving your devices, refer to the Getting Started with a PXI System guide with attention to the MXI PXI system for information about setting the system up.
Some PXI(e) chassis have an integrated MXI controller, which means that they will not need an additional PXI card to connect as they have a MXI interface on their back panel. All you will need is a PCIe card for your host computer and a MXI cable . Check the User Manual for your chassis to see if it has an integrated MXI controller.

To confirm that your system configuration will work, build your system with the NI PXI Advisor. The following table can also be used to choose the appropriate PXI(e)/PCI(e) card pair for your setup :

Additional Information

In order to connect your PXI chassis via MXI cable to your PC your PC will need to have a PCI slot. This will allow you to install a PCI-MXI card that will allow you to connect to your PXI MXI card in the PXI chassis via MXI connection. 

For more information on using PCI/PCIe to control PXI with MXI, visit the PCI Express Control of PXI with MXI-Express page on You can also refer to the troubleshooting guide for MXI if you encounter issues when connecting your PXI chassis to your computer.