Changing Between Single-Ended and Differential Input Mode Using CompactRIO

Updated Oct 24, 2020



  • NI-9205
  • NI-9206


  • LabVIEW FPGA Module

I want to take differential measurements from a C Series analog input module using the cRIO. How do I define the input terminal mode to be either Differential, RSE, or NRSE?

There are two options to configure the input mode:
  1. Manually in your project explorer (if using the module in FPGA or RIO Scan Interface mode):
Right click the project and Select Properties

Then in the new window that opens, select your desired input mode from the Terminal Mode drop down menu.

  1. Programmatically in LabVIEW FPGA:
Use the FPGA IO Method Node as shown in the picture below.
  1. Programmatically in DAQmx (available on cRIO-904x controllers with NI-DAQmx installed):
    This can be done using a Channel Property Node, as shown in the picture below. For more information see Using NI-DAQmx Property Nodes for Analog Input Channels.

Additional Information

You can not change the measurement mode for every C Series Module. For example, this is possible on the NI 9205 or NI 9206 modules.

Some modules as the NI-9207 only has the one programming mode. You wire the circuit differently depending on the mode you want to use, but the programming mode never needs to be changed as you are only using AI0+ and AI-. You can find more information about the wiring on the module Getting Started.