Borrow License from a License Server Running FLEXnet Publisher

Updated Oct 24, 2020



  • NI Volume License Manager
  • FLEXnet

  • I am part of a NI Volume License Agreement (VLA) and have access to license hosted on a server running FLEXnet Publisher.
  • The server has been configured to allow users to disconnect a license from the server for a period of time by using FLEXnet's BORROW feature.
  • How can I borrow a license?

You can borrow a license from the Flex server using the steps below:
  1. Download the lmborrow.exe from the attachments section.
  2. Open the Command Prompt and navigate to the directory containing the lmborrow.exe. In Windows you can hold Shift and right click in the directory to choose Open command window here to do this automatically.
  3. Format the command similar to the following and press Enter: 
    lmborrow nilm dd-mmm-yyyy [hh:mm]
    dd-mmm-yyyy indicates the desired expiration date of the borrowed license (e.g. 01-Jan-2016). The time of expiration can also be specified but is optional. If no time is specified, the license will expire at the end of the day. A successful command should look similar to below
  1. In order to successfully borrow the license, you still must check out a license while connected to the server. Opening the software you want to license for should check out a license and complete the process.
  2. To test if you have successfully borrowed a license, disconnect from the license server, and see if you still have access to the software. You can also run the lmborrow -status command to see what licenses are currently borrowed.

Additional Information

  • If you are unsure if your company uses FLEXnet Publisher to host your Volume License Agreement (VLA), please first contact your company's Volume License Administrator. 
  • Please note:  National Instruments supports FLEXnet Publisher implementations and their related license files, but does not design or sell the tool.  For more detailed support please visit the Flexera website.
  • If you are unsuccessful at borrowing a license, please contact your Volume License Administrator. The license server debug log should have an indication of why your license request was denied.