Serial Number or Service ID for NI Software

Updated Jan 11, 2019

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  • NI License Manager

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I need to generate a service request but I don't know the Serial Number associated with my Service Maintenance Program. Where can I find or locate the Serial Number or Service ID for my National Instruments software, toolkit, module or add-ons?


Finding a National Instruments Software Serial Number:

You serial number can be found on:
  • Certificate of Ownership included in the software kit
  • Product packing slip or shipping label
  • The email originally sent to the purchaser of the software
  • NI License Manager in Help >> About

Finding a National Instruments Service ID:

  • Contact your software administrator (if applicable)
  • Software administrators can launch NI Volume License Manager, once launched the service ID is displayed General Information in the Status tab

Additional Information

In order to create a service request you must be a member of a NI Service Maintenance Program (SMP) such as the Standard Service Program (SSP) or the Premium Service Program (PSP). To associate your account with your NI Service Maintenance Program you must use the Serial Number or Service ID associated with your National Instruments Software. 

If you are a member of the NI Volume License Program, you will need to locate your service ID. Organizations that have purchased a NI Volume License Program will designate a software administrator to oversee the management and installation of NI software at their organization. The software administrator will be able to provide you with your service ID. Entering the Service ID into the field in Service Request Manager will be necessary for you to access support.