PCI-735x Series Motion Controller Shows a Watchdog Timeout Error in MAX

Updated Nov 22, 2017

Reported In


  • PCI-7352
  • PCI-7354
  • PCI-7356
  • PCI-7358

Issue Details

I am using a PCI-7352, 7354, 7356, or 7358 motion controller, and the card will not initialize correctly in MAX. Under NI-Motion Devices, the card has a red 'x' next to it, and the Status pane shows there is a Modal Error Message 0x20:
This motion controller was reset because of a watchdog timeout error.


A watchdog error on a PCI-735x Series controller indicates that all of the necessary hardware components did not initialize within an acceptable time period. The red 'x' next to the controller's entry in MAX indicates that it is unable to communicate with the onboard processor.
  1. Both of these issues can normally be resolved by restarting the host PC. 
  2. If you experience this issue after powering up your PC, please contact NI Support to troubleshoot the system and ensure the card needs to be repaired.

Additional Information

Certain PCI-735x motion controllers can fail to power up correctly under very specific circumstances.


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