Exception Occurred When Using Analysis Examples in Measurement Studio

Updated Jan 11, 2019

Reported In


  • Measurement Studio Professional


Microsoft Visual Studio

Issue Details

I have Measurement Studio Professional, and when I try to use the Analysis shipping examples I get the error: 
Exception occurred creating type NationalInstruments.Restricted.AnalysisLicenser, NationalInstruments.Analysis.Enterprise. 


This error results from the National Instruments Analysis Enterprise library being referenced in the project instead of the Professional library. You can fix this by changing the reference in the Solution Explorer window.
  1. In the Solutions Explorer window, right-click on the References drop-down list and select Add Reference... This will open the Reference Manager window. 
  2. Under Assemblies, select Extensions, and then in the center of the window scroll down until you find the National Instruments Analysis Enterprise and National Instruments Analysis Professional libraries. 
  1. Remove the check from the box next to National Instruments Analysis Enterprise and place a check in the box next to National Instruments Analysis Professional. Click OK.
  2. You should now see NationalInstruments.Analysis.Professional underneath "References" in the Solution Explorer window instead of the Enterprise library.


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