Reinitializing to Default Value Does Not Clear Waveform Charts

Updated Jan 10, 2023

Issue Details

When I right-click on the chart and select the Reinitialize to Default Value option, nothing happens. When I do the same thing on a Waveform Graph the data is cleared. How do I clear the data in a Waveform Chart?


To clear a Waveform Chart, you need to clear its history data rather than reinitialize to a default value. To do this manually, you can right click on a Waveform Chart and select  Data Operations»Clear Chart.

Additional Information

This situation illustrates the difference between Waveform Charts and Waveform Graphs. While a Waveform Graph clears and rewrites its contents each time data is passed in, a Waveform Chart maintains a history of data and simply appends any data passed into this history. Specifically, the number of data points in the history for a given Waveform Chart is referred to as the Chart History Length.