TPC CMOS Checksum Error

Updated Oct 22, 2019

Reported In


  • TPC-2230
  • TPC-2206

Issue Details

Each time the touch panel computer (TPC) boots us, I see a black screen with Warning!! CMOS Checksum Error.  I press <F1> to skip this page.  I am able to install LabVIEW and my applications correctly and use it without issue, but once I power cycle (power off and then turn on) the TPC, I will get the warning and have to connect a keyboard to press the F1 key. Once I do this, it works fine.


The behavior of seeing the Warning!! CMOS Checksum Error. message is a likely indicator of a dead or low-voltage CMOS battery in the TPC.  Please reach out to NI to set up an RMA.

Additional Information

In some cases, you may not see any of your install programs under Programs and Features in the Control Panel, and it may reset all of your settings and installations, if you are seeing this error.