NI Software Showcase Signup Link Loads Blank Page

Updated May 3, 2018

Reported In


  • Vision Development Module

Issue Details

When I go to and click on the Evaluate button, I get brought to the Vision Development Module Software Evaluation page and click on the Evaluate Now button.  I end up on the NI Software Showcase page.  Since I do not have an NI hosted services account, I click on Sign up here and enter my e-mail.  However, the sign-up link in the e-mail that I receive leads me to a blank NI page that does not give me any option to complete my sign-up procedure.


There is most likely an IT setting or firewall that is blocking the sign-up form on the page from loading correctly.  If you see the same behavior on different web browsers, try opening the link from another device that does not have the same security restrictions to sign up.  After you signup, you should be able to sign in without issue.

Additional Information

Below are the steps you should expect to go through as a user who has not signed up for an NI hosted services account before.


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