How do I Add VIs from Instr.lib in a Teststand Step?

Updated Nov 16, 2017

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  • TestStand 2014 SP1

Issue Details

I want to use VIs from a LabVIEW library, specifically from the instr.lib in a TestStand step. How do I point to these in the step settings of a LabVIEW test step?


There are a couple ways to do this: 
  • If you are looking to access a specific VI, you can call the VIs directly from the public folder
  • If you would like to have access to all of the VIs in the instr.lib folder you can add it is a search directory in TestStand. You can do this by selecting Configure>>Search Directories and click Add to add a new search directory. 

Additional Information

More information about adding search directories can be found in the help article on Search Directories


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