Ignoring Errors in TestStand

Updated Nov 26, 2019

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  • TestStand

Issue Details

I am trying to customize how I handle errors in my code modules using TestStand. In step properties I defined a custom post action for my step that uses Step.Result.Error.Occurred as the condition. Depending on the value of this property, I can either go to next step or skip to my error handler steps. However, when an error occurs, TestStand still displays the normal error message and jumps directly to the end without going to the destination I specified with my custom expression.


To ignore errors go to Configure » Station Options » Execution Tab and under On Run-Time Error select Ignore.

Additional Information

By default, if an error occurs TestStand will ignore the step post actions and jump directly to the end while displaying an error message. If you want to handle an error yourself, you can change the station options to ignore run-time errors and use a custom expression for post actions.

When you ignore run-time errors, TestStand does not set the flag Step.Result.Error.Occurred to true. So if you are using the error flag in expressions it will not work. However, you can use the Step.Result.Status property instead. This will be set to "Error" if an error occurs in a step.

For example, a custom expression could be:
Step.Result.Status == "Error"