How Do I Change the Copper Trace Width in Ultiboard?

Updated Feb 4, 2022



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Primary Software Version: 12.0

My PCB board contains several nets that require various trace widths. How do I control the trace width of any net in my design?

The easiest way to alter trace properties is via the Spreadsheet view in Ultiboard.
  1. If you cannot see the spreadsheet view, select View » Spreadsheet View. By default this will appear at the bottom of the Ultiboard environment.
  2. Select the Nets tab in the spreadsheet view.
  3. Select a particular row in the spreadsheet view to highlight the details for that net. 
    • To select multiple rows hold down the ‘ctrl’ key on your keyboard and select all nets.
    • To select a group of continuous rows, select the first row of the group. Now while holding down the ‘shift’ key select the last row of the group. All rows from the first to the last selected rows will be selected.
    • In order to select all the nets in the spreadsheet view, left click on the Trace Width column heading in the spreadsheet view. That column will now be selected for all nets.
  4. Left click in the Trace Width column of any highlighted row
  5. The selected column will now appear as a drop down box, and you can enter a new trace width. The width will now change to the same value in all the rows highlighted in step 3.

Additional Information

You can also change a trace segment by double clicking on the trace already placed in the design. In the Track Properties dialog, click on the General tab and enter the desire track size in the Width field.