ReadByteArray Command Times Out When Reading Waveform

Updated May 3, 2018

Reported In




  • HP 54503A Scope

Issue Details

  • I am using a USB-GPIB-HS+ to communicate with an HP scope. I am attempting to read a waveform from the device using the C# command readbytearray. This command repeatedly times out and will not retrieve a waveform from the device.
  • I have been successful in the past using readbytearray with other devices, including an agilent multi meter.
  • I have tried to read less points in the array. This also failed┬áso it appears to be a handshaking issue between the code and the device, and not a true timeout due to an attempt to retrieve too many points.


  • Take an NI IO Trace to monitor the VISA calls that are made.
  • This issue is most often caused by a coding error. An NI IO Trace will help see what VISA calls are made to identify the source of the error.


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