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Which IP Configuration Should I Use for My Ethernet Instruments?

Updated Jan 14, 2019

Issue Details

I have a Desktop Ethernet instrument, and I don't know if I should use a DHCP or Static IP address to connect. 


There are two different ways to connect to a Ethernet Instrument: automatically and manually. In windows these settings are  accessible through  "Change adaptor settings" in the "Network and Sharing Centre
  • DHCP (Automatic) - When your instrument is connected to a network with a Router or Hub, Use this setting to have the  IP address dynamically assigned automatically.  This is most likely the default state of your instrument IP settings. 
  • Static IP Address (Manually) - When your instrument is either connected to a network with a switch or directly to your computer with a crossover cable. Refer to the producers own manual on how you can manually set the IP address.
Configure Automatically (DHCP)

Manual configuration using static IP (example address)