Updating a Standalone Windows cDAQ Controller

Updated May 3, 2018

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CompactDAQ Controllers

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I have an NI compactDAQ controller with old NI Software installed on it. I want to update the software on the cDAQ but I cannot connect the cDAQ to the network to install software from the server nor can I download installers from the National Instruments website.


It is recommend that you remove all NI software from your cDAQ to avoid unnecessary copies on your device.
  1. Go to Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > National Instruments Software.
  2. Choose the option to remove all software.
  3. Follow the uninstall wizard.
Once all the software is uninstalled, you will be ready to install the updated software. As you are unable to connect the cDAQ to the network/internet, you will have to install the NI software via physical media (i.e. a USB memory stick).


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