IPC 2221A/2222 Naming Convention for RLC Components in Multisim

Updated May 1, 2018

Reported In


  • Multisim Base
  • Multisim Student 9
  • Ultiboard Full

Issue Details

Selecting the footprint in Multisim with the dimensions for Ultiboard before placing a resistor, inductor or capacitor. In the Select a Footprint dialog, Manufacturer/Type window shows IPC 2221A/2222 with a dimension, what is the naming convention for this?


The IPC 2221A/2222 naming convention for the RLC components begin with RES, IND or CAP which stands for resistor, inductor and capacitor respectively. The unit is in millimeter (mm) and it has two significant digits. The first number represent the center-to-center pin distance, next is the body length and finally the body width.

Additional Information

An example: the footprint name IND 1400-800X350 is an inductor with the following dimensions: