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How Does the NI-Embedded CAN for RIO Driver Differ from the Traditional NI-XNET or NI-CAN Driver?

Updated Jan 14, 2019

Reported In


  • sbRIO-9606
  • sbRIO-9607
  • sbRIO-9626
  • sbRIO-9627
  • sbRIO-9633
  • sbRIO-9636
  • sbRIO-9651
  • sbRIO-9637


  • NI-Embedded CAN for RIO
  • NI-CAN

Issue Details

How does the NI-Embedded CAN for RIO driver differ from the traditional NI-XNET or NI-CAN driver?


The sbRIO-9606/9607, sbRIO-9626/9627/9633/9636 and sbRIO-9651 System on Module (SOM) are not compatible with the NI-XNET or NI-CAN drivers.

Instead, they use the NI-Embedded CAN for RIO driver, which can be considered to be a condensed version of the NI-XNET or NI-CAN driver. The NI-Embedded CAN for RIO driver is included with NI-RIO driver installations, there is no separate installation needed.  

The NI-Embedded CAN for RIO driver is similar to the Frame API of the NI-XNET driver. With this driver you may open, configure, and close the CAN port, as well as read/write frames. There are no advanced features, such as databases, clusters, signals, channels, etc.

The palette for NI-Embedded CAN for RIO driver is shown below: 

The palette can be found by right-clicking on the block diagram of a LabVIEW Real-Time VI to open the Functions Palette » Industrial Communications » Embedded CAN for RIO.

Examples can be found by following the path ...National Instruments\LabVIEW 20XX\examples\NI-Embedded CAN for RIO.

Additional Information

  • The sbRIO-9606/9607, sbRIO-9626/9627/9633/9636/9637  and sbRIO-9651 System on Module (SOM) are unique in the fact that the CAN port is connected directly to the real-time processor. Because of this, the NI-Embedded CAN for RIO driver is a LabVIEW Real-Time driver.
  •  The performance of the CAN port is expected to be lower than National Instruments dedicated CAN devices because it is also performing other LabVIEW Real-Time operations.

Note: If you wish to use the NI-XNET Driver with the sbRIO platform, both the sbRIO-9627 and sbRIO-9607 support the driver with NI-986x C Series Modules when connected through a Mezzanine Card. 


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