How to Split a VBScript Statement Across Multiple Lines in DIAdem

Updated Dec 9, 2022

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I am writing a script in DIAdem and one of my statements is very long. I want to be able to split the statement in several lines so it will be easier to read. I tried to break the statement with ENTER, but it does not work since VBScript takes the ENTER as the end of statement character.  How can I put my statement on multiple lines?


In VBScript you can use an underscore to signal that a statement will continue on the next line. For example:

MsgBox "This is a message"

Can be replaced by:

MsgBox _
"This is a message"

If the line break occurs in the middle of a string you can use the concatenation character & to append the string together so it will still appear on one line. For example: 

MsgBox "This is a really long message"

Can be replaced by: 

MsgBox "This is a" &_
"really long message"