Do I Need to Remove the Plant System VI to Implement My Own System?

Updated Sep 20, 2018

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  • LabVIEW 2013 PID and Fuzzy Logic Toolkit

Issue Details

If I have my own physical system, should I remove the Plant from the example and put in my own plant logic?


The Plant is there to ensure that you are able to run the example and see feedback from a simulated source. It is an arbitrary simulated plant, and therefore not needed if you have a physical system to use at the "plant."

Additional Information

In a PID system, the Plant is considered to be the physical system for which the feedback control and PID functions adjusts for.

Looking at the higher level flow there is a set-point that goes into a summation that figures out how far from the set-point it is in comparison with the current value. This different, or error, is then sent to the PID Controller which then sends adjustment to the Plant which is the physical system. The Plant changes some settings and then sends the current value as feedback out so cycle can continue.

Note: In the Plant System.VI in the sample, all scale factors are in percent.


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