Can I Use the PXIe-4340 with a Resolver at 10kHz?

Updated Dec 13, 2017

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  • PXIe-4340

Issue Details

I want to use a PXIe-4340 to take measurements from my resolver. My input frequency is 10 kHz, and the PXIe-4340 is only specified to acquire up to 25.6 kHz. 

The general recommendation when making acquisitions is to sample ~10 times faster than your input frequency, can I still do this?


The PXIe-4340 is rated to provide and read from sensors at an excitation frequency of 10 kHz at the accuracy specifications listed in the datasheet.

Therefore, you should be able to successfully make your measurement even though the maximum sampling rate of the PXIe-4340 is only slightly higher than 2 times the input frequency.

Additional Information

The recommendation to sample ~10 times faster than your input frequency applies when the shape of the waveform is important to your application. In the case of a resolver measurement, the returned value is a scaled angular displacement value, not a waveform.


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