LabVIEW Error: "VI Is Not Loadable" When Opening in Newer Versions

Updated Aug 9, 2021

Reported In


  • LabVIEW Application Builder Module
  • LabVIEW Base

Issue Details

I am trying to:​
  • Open my own code in a newer LabVIEW version
  • Install or use a 3rd Party Toolkit made for a previous LabVIEW version 
I am getting the following error:


This error occurs when the developer of a VI has removed the block diagram. Depending on whether the developer is 3rd party, there are a few different ways to resolve this error.

If you or your company created the code:
  • Find the source code. 
    • There will be a LabVIEW project with a source distribution, similarly to the image below:
  • The VIs listed within this project will still have their block diagrams, so use the one(s) that are required.
    • You can navigate to a VI's location on disk by right clicking the VI>>Explore...

If the code was created by a 3rd party:
  • If a matching version of the toolkit is available, use that instead.
  • Try to contact the developers of the toolkit to see if they can upgrade it for you.
  • A reinstallation of the 3rd party software solves this issue if the error is shown when the toolkit is already installed. 
Note: Without access to the source code, the VI cannot be upgraded to a new LabVIEW version. Thus, NI cannot help with upgrading 3rd party toolkits that have VIs with their block diagrams removed.

Additional Information

When block diagrams are removed, users cannot edit the VI, move the VI to another platform, or upgrade the VI to a future version of LabVIEW.  See Removing Block Diagrams from VIs for additional details.