Difference Between GPIB Cables (X2, X4, X5, ...)

Updated Sep 27, 2023

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  • X2 Cable
  • X4 Cable
  • X5 Cable
  • GPIB X12 Cable
  • X13 Cable

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I have heard of different GPIB cable types like X2, X4, X5, X11, X12, X13. What are the specifications of these cable types?


These cable types differ by shielding type (e.g. single- or double- shielded) and connector (e.g. right-angle, standard). 
  • X2 – Double-shielded cable with shielded plug/receptacles.
  • X4 – Double-shielded standard GPIB to right-angle GPIB cable.
  • X5 – Double-shielded standard GPIB to single-end male GPIB cable.
  • X12 – Reverse-entry, single-shielded GPIB cable with molded plug/receptacles.
  • X13 – Micro GPIB connector to shielded GPIB cable for the PCI-GPIB/LP, PMC-GPIB, and some VXI and PXI embedded controllers.