Meaning of PXI and PXIe Slot Symbols

Updated Jul 31, 2023

Reported In


  • PXI-1031
  • PXI-1033
  • PXI-1042
  • PXI-1042Q
  • PXI-1044
  • PXI-1045
  • PXIe-1062Q
  • PXIe-1065
  • PXIe-1066DC
  • PXIe-1071
  • PXIe-1073
  • PXIe-1075
  • PXIe-1078
  • PXIe-1082
  • PXIe-1082DC
  • PXIe-1085
  • PXIe-1086
  • PXIe-1095

Issue Details

There is a symbol displayed directly beneath each of the slots in my PXI chassis. What do they mean?


A list of glyphs associated with the various PXI slots are shown below. For more information on the individual slot types, please refer to the Related Links section.

System Timing Slot

Star Trigger Slot

PXI Peripheral Slot

PXIe Peripherial Slot


Hybrid Peripheral Slot

(accepts PXI Hybrid and PXIe cards)

PXI System Controller Slot

PXIe System Controller Slot

PXIe System Timing Slot

or PXIe Peripheral Slot

Additional Information

Please note that the glyphs are also shown in the upper right hand corner of any PXI or PXIe card, adjacent to the fixing screw. This symbol signifies which of the PXI(e) slots the card may be plugged into.

Note that some slots can have more than one use (like the last entry of the above table). For example, the a white circle inside a white diamond means the slot can be used as a Star Trigger Slot or a PXI Peripheral Slot.