Getting Started Wizard Fails to Find myRIO-1900

Updated May 3, 2023

Reported In


  • myRIO-1900
  • myRIO-1950

Issue Details

I plugged in my myRIO-1900 and the "Getting Started" Wizard fails to find, recognize or detect my device.


There are several reasons the Getting Started Wizard can fail to find a myRIO-1900.  The following steps often remedy this issue.
  1. Turn off the myRIO. Ensure it is unplugged from the power source and the USB is disconnected from the computer.
  2. Reconnect the power to the myRIO, and hold the reset button for five seconds. This should boot the myRIO-1900 into Safe mode indicated by 3 LED blinks on the Status indicator.
  3. Plug the USB into the computer.
  4. Open NI MAX and find the device under Remote Systems. You may need to add the device manually by IP to do this.
    1. This is performed by right-clicking "Remote Systems", selecting "Create New..." and then selecting "Remote Device (not on the local subnet)" and entering the IP Address. 
    2. The myRIO IP Address will default to across a USB connection.
  5. Once you can see the device in MAX, log into the device. By default, the username is admin and the password should be left blank.
  6. Right click the device icon under Remote Systems and select Format Disk.
  7. Once the disk has been reformatted successfully, run the Getting Started Wizard. After reformatting, this Wizard should be able to find the device.

Additional Information

If you do not see your device under Remote Systems and instead see it under My System>>Devices and Interfaces in NI MAX, try finding the device in Windows Device Manager. If it shows up as a USB device with a yellow exclamation mark next to it or is called 'Generic USB', there may have been an issue with installing the driver that allows the Windows machine to see the USB connection as Ethernet over USB. This driver is called NI USBLAN. To resolve this issue, try the following:
  1. If you are using the myRIO Toolkit 2016 or later:
    • Make sure you have the myRIO Toolkit installed, and if it is still not working force reinstall the toolkit. 
    • Later versions of the myRIO Toolkits include the USBLAN driver in the install. 
  2. If you have an earlier versions of the myRIO toolkit: 
    • Try to manually associate the driver by doing the following: Right-Click the Generic USB >> Update Driver >> Browse to the ...\National Instruments\CompactRIO\Staging directory (make sure the 'Include subfolders' option is selected) >> Next.
    • If the above doesn't work, a reinstall of it should fix this issue. Upon reinstall of this driver, you should then see the myRIO device under Remote Systems.