Activate Older Versions of NI Software with NI Volume License Manager

Updated Apr 17, 2023



  • NI License Manager
  • Volume License Manager

This article will explain the aspects that are needed to have into account when licensing older versions of software than the one available on your NI Volume License Manager. The article will also explain the behavior of disconnected or home licenses even when they are legacy or unsupported

Note: If you are a single seat user, please refer to this article: Activating Previous Versions of NI Software for Single Seats

Licenses granted by NI Volume License Manager are backwards compatible with previous versions of NI Software. This is also true for disconnected or home licenses. Being granted a disconnected or home license for a specific NI software version, allows access to all previous versions.

For example, if your volume license says LabVIEW 2018, you will also be able to activate any previous version of LabVIEW with this one seat of the license.

Additional Information

You are only able to generate disconnected or home licenses in NI Volume License Manager . This functionality is not available when using FlexNet Publisher license manager software.
For more information about accessing older software versions, see how to Download Older Versions of NI Software.