Self-Test Error -37051 on PCIe-GPIB or PXI-GPIB in NI MAX

Updated May 16, 2019

Reported In




  • NI-488.2


Windows 10

Issue Details

My PCIe-GPIB shows up in NI MAX, but the Self Test fails, returning error -37051. I have it connected to another device, which does not show up in NI MAX when I scan for devices.


  • It is possible that this may be a driver incompatibility issue. Check the documentation for your hardware to see if it is compatible with the version of NI 488.2 driver and version of Windows. 
  • Force reinstall the NI 488.2 driver. The error also points to a possible corruption of the driver. Force reinstalling will fix any corruptions and reinstall the necessary files.
  • Try a different PCI slot on your computer.