Difference Between PXIe-1073 Chassis Part Numbers 781161-01 and 781163-01

Updated Sep 8, 2020

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  • PXIe-1073

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I saw on my purchase order that the part number for the PXIe-1073 chassis I ordered is 781163-01. One of my colleagues has the same hardware, but his part number is 781161-01. What is the difference between the chassis? Does this chassis come with a controller?


The different part numbers refer to the same PXIe-1073 chassis. One part number is a bundle package that includes a PCIe card and MXI cable. The other part number is simply the chassis by itself.

781161-01: NI PXIe-1073 Chassis, PCIe-8361, 3m Cable

781163-01: NI PXIe-1073 Chassis


The PXIe-1073 chassis does come with an integrated MXI-Express controller.