Getting Package Not Compatible Error in VI Package Manager

Updated Nov 17, 2017

Reported In


  • JKI VIPM Professional

Issue Details

I am using VI Package Manager 2013 and I try to install a package built with VI Package Manager 2014, I get the following error message: 
​This package is not compatible with any LabVIEW version on this computer.

​I have a compatible version of LabVIEW installed on my computer. What can I do to get rid of this error?


This error appears because VI Package Manager (VIPM) 2013 does not recognize the VIPM 2014 package format. Packages built with VIPM 2014 can only be installed on VIPM 2014 or newer. Packages built with VIPM 2014 cannot be installed on versions of VIPM 2013 or older. You can download the latest version of VIPM for free: Download VIPM.   

If you cannot upgrade or would not like to upgrade to VIPM 2014, you would need to get the VIP file(s) rebuilt in VIPM 2013 for compatiblity. 

It is also recommended that when packages are built in VIPM 2014, you should include a note in the description stating that VI Package Manager 2014 is required to install the package.