How to Update or Refresh All VIs in a TestStand Sequence

Updated Jan 31, 2019

Reported In


  • TestStand 4.1
  • TestStand 4.0.1
  • TestStand

Issue Details

I have steps in my TestStand sequence file that call LabVIEW VIs. I want to update or refresh my VIs and their prototypes all at once.


Depending on your version of TestStand, see the two sections below to determine how you can update all the VI calls in a TestStand sequence. 

TestStand 4.1 and later
To update all the VI calls in a TestStand sequence just go to Tools>>Update VI Calls...

On the Update VI Calls... window choose the desired update options and click on Update Calls. You can choose to update only the open sequence, all the sequences in a directory or specific sequence files.

If the Reload Prototype If Changed checkbox is enabled, TestStand will automatically update the VI's inputs and outputs if previously modified.
*Image from TestStand 2017

If the Update VI Calls... submenu is not available on the Tools menu, visit the "Customize Tools Menu Dialog Box" link below. 

TestStand 4.0.1f1 and earlier
In TestStand 4.0.1f1 and earlier, the Update VI Calls option is not available. Instead, you can use the TestStand API to programmatically reload module prototypes on all steps within a given sequence file. See the Community Example linked below for an example.


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