Error 7 at Open VI Reference for a Stand-Alone Application

Updated Aug 21, 2023

Reported In


  • LabVIEW Full
  • LabVIEW Base

Issue Details

I get this error when opening a VI reference in a stand-alone application.
When I run the main VI on my development machine, I do not get this error. I am using an absolute file path to indicate where to look when opening the reference, and I am including the referenced VI in the “Always Included” section of the Build Properties, but I still get that error. However, when I check the 8.x file layout option under the Advanced tab in Build Properties as shown below, the error disappears. Why is this happening?


It is recommended to use relative VI paths if you want to both avoid this error and not use the 8.x file layout option. You can create a relative path by using the Current VI's Path or Application Directory VI's Path. Learn it at Access a VI's Current Directory from Both LabVIEW and a Stand-Alone Application.

Additional Information

When using the 8.x file layout, the Application Builder will store source files of the build in a flat list inside the application, whereas when using the default layout, the Application Builder will store the source files inside the application based on the directory structure of the source files on disk.

Depending upon how you are referencing the path of the VI in your application, the source file of the referenced VI may be more easily found when using the 8.x file layout as it is in the same flat directory as the rest of the source files.