TestStand Diff Report Not Human Readable

Updated May 3, 2018

Reported In


  • TestStand 2016 SP1
  • TestStand 2012

Issue Details

Is there a way to generate a Sequence Diff report from the TestStand Diff/Merge Utility? How can I view the XML file generated from the TestStand Sequence Diff/Merge Utility in a human-readable format?


You can open the .XML files in a browser program such as Internet Explorer and you should be able to see the Diff/Merge results in a nicely formatted document. You also have an option to "Launch Viewer When Done" which will then open up the XML file in Internet Explorer.

If you set the default program for XML files to Internet Explorer, you can ensure that the XML file will be opened by an appropriate interpreter each time on your machine.

Additional Information

Unfortunately, even in the newer versions of TestStand, the only option to generate the report is XML, but there are third-party converters that can open XML files and save them in other file formats, such as PDF, CSV, etc. 


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