Uninstall NI Software on Windows 10 OS

Updated Oct 18, 2019

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Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

I want to individually uninstall NI software products that are installed on the Windows 10 Operating System. When I navigate to the Windows 10's Apps & Features application, and click on the National Instruments Software, I only see an Uninstall option. A second popup displays message: This app and all its related info will be uninstalled.

What does this message mean?


Clicking the Uninstall will not uninstall all NI software products. It will open the National Instruments Software user interface. Then, you can choose the desired NI software product to remove/repair or modify.

For further assistance with uninstalling or repairing NI software after opening the National Instruments Software configuration utility, see Uninstall or Repair National Instruments Software or Drivers in Windows and start at step 6.

Additional Information

Note: If you are using NI Package Manager (NIPM) for products such as LabVIEW NXG or DAQExpress, see Uninstall National Instruments Software or Drivers Using NI Package Manager . If you are unsure which method you are using, see Uninstall or Repair National Instruments Software or Drivers in Windows.