New License File Asks for an Options File

Updated Nov 23, 2017

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I have been sent a new license file from National Instruments, as the old one expires, and now I notice that for a correct configuration of my license file I need an options file. We are using a FlexLM server for our licenses, however, in the past there was never a need for an options file. Could you tell me why is this happening? 


There are couple of reasons why this might be happening.
  • Your newly delivered license file might have different end dates for the software. 
To troubleshoot this point, follow the below steps:
  1. Open your license file with a notepad or other text editor. 
  2. Scan the license file for dates, the date in the license file is usually constructed as 

​for example: 14-nov-2020
  1. In the case that a license file contains different end dates for the software, please contact National Instruments.
  • ​Your licensing agreement with National Instruments has changed. 
It is possible that the licensing agreement with National Instruments has changed, and you are not aware of the changes. This happens when there are different parties responsible for prolonging of the licensing agreement and installation of the license.

In this case please, contact the National Instruments and one of our Application Engineers will be able to explain what changes have happened and how they affect the way you have to install your license file.



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