C Series Modules Not Recognized or Shown as Unsupported by NI-DAQmx

Updated Aug 28, 2018

Reported In


  • NI-9207
  • NI-9208
  • NI-9209
  • NI-9425
  • NI-9476


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

I am trying to use the NI 9207, NI 9208, NI 9209, NI 9425, or NI 9476 C Series DSUB or Spring Terminal module in my cDAQ chassis or controller with NI-DAQmx.

My module is not recognized by Windows Device Manager or NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX), or is showing as Unsupported Module. Are these modules compatible with and supported by NI-DAQmx and my cDAQ chassis or controller? How can I configure or setup these modules to be recognized?


First, identify if your module is the DSUB or Spring Terminal Variant: 
Note: The NI 9208 is shown in the images below, however the connector options apply to the NI 9207, NI 9209, NI 9425, and NI 9476 as well. 
NI 9208 DSUB and Spring Terminal Comparison
NI 9208 with DSUB
NI 9208 with Spring Terminal
  • If you are using the Spring Terminal variants of the NI 9207, NI 9208, NI 9209, NI 9425, or NI 9476, they are currently supported by NI-DAQmx 17.1 and later. If you have NI-DAQmx 17.0 or earlier installed, you will have to upgrade your drivers to get the module work correctly. For more information, please review software support. If you cannot upgrade your NI-DAQmx driver, and need to change your configuration, please contact us.


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