Multiple DAQmx Drivers on One Computer

Updated May 2, 2018

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  • LabVIEW Base


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

  • Can I run multiple DAQmx driver versions on the same computer so I can use DAQmx on different versions of LabVIEW? My two versions of LabVIEW require different DAQmx drivers to function.
  • I installed one version of DAQmx and then realized I needed an older version to be compatible with my LabVIEW version. Even though I've now installed the older DAQmx version, I still don't see it in my LabVIEW version. Why is this?


You cannot run multiple DAQmx drivers on one machine.  It is possible to run DAQmx and DAQmx Base on the same computer successfully. 

If you are trying to install an older version of DAQmx on your machine, you will have to uninstall the newer version before you can install the older version.

Additional Information

The reason you cannot run multiple versions of DAQmx is because they call from the same library that can only be accessed by one driver.

DAQmx Base makes calls to a different library than the normal version of DAQmx. The reason is DAQmx Base is a stripped down version of DAQmx that is meant to work on operating systems other than Windows.  It is also required for certain DAQ devices with limited memory.  It has limited functionality, and the code can only be used with other computers that have DAQmx Base drivers.


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