What's the Difference Between Multisim Editions?

Updated Nov 8, 2017

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  • Multisim Base
  • Multisim 14.1 Full
  • Multisim Education


NI Multisim

Issue Details

I want to purchase an edition of NI Multisim for Circuit Designers, I was wondering what are the differences between the available options? 


When looking for differences between NI Multisim for Circuit Designers, make sure to read through:  Secondly, it is also noticable that besides the options that are clearly not available in Multisim Base or Full version, compared to the Multisim Power Pro edition, that there is a difference in the amount of components each version has in their component database.

For more specific information regarding what components are present in each version, please see NI Multisim Components and Models white paper. Once you have reached the white paper, you can look for specific components in the .pdf documents using CTRL F. 

Additional Information

For example one of the differences in components data base are the Mechanical Loads components. Only the Multisim Power Pro or Education editions have access to that data base.