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Where Are LabVIEW Error Code Files Located?

Updated Aug 22, 2023

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  • LabVIEW Base
  • LabVIEW Full

Issue Details

  • I am developing an application in LabVIEW with custom error codes. I know that I can create my own errors.txt file, but where can I find the built-in error code files?
  • Where are error code files saved?
  • What directories are LabVIEW error code files stored in?


There are several different places where LabVIEW looks for built-in error code files. These locations depend on whether you are working in the LabVIEW development environment, a LabVIEW-built executable, or a LabVIEW-built DLL (shared library). Additionally, all NI software products have a common location for storing error code files:

<National Instruments>\Shared\Errors\<Language>, where <Language> is the language the error codes have been written for.

The following directories are other locations where LabVIEW searches for error code files.

LabVIEW Development Environment

  • <LabVIEW>\resource\errors
  • <LabVIEW>\resource\errors\<Language>
  • <Program Files>\National Instruments\Shared\Errors
  • <Program Files>\National Instruments\Shared\Errors\<Language>
  • <LabVIEW>\project\errors
  • <LabVIEW>\project\errors\<Language>
  • <LabVIEW>\user.lib\errors
  • <LabVIEW>\user.lib\errors\<Language>

LabVIEW-Built Applications

  • <Program Files>\National Instruments\Shared\LabVIEW Run-Time\<LabVIEW version>\errors
  • <Program Files>\National Instruments\Shared\LabVIEW Run-Time\<LabVIEW version>\errors\
  • <Program Files>\National Instruments\Shared\Errors
  • <Program Files>\National Instruments\Shared\Errors\<Language>
  • <Path to your application>\project\errors
  • <Path to your application>\project\errors\<Language>
  • <Path to your application>\user.lib\errors
  • <Path to your application>\user.lib\errors\<Language>

Additional Information

If you are creating a stand-alone application (EXE), refer to the Distributing Custom Error Codes in Text Files topic in the LabVIEW Help. The installer build includes all error code files from <LabVIEW>\project\errors and labview\user.lib\errors and installs them in the <Shared>\LabVIEW Run-Time\X.X\errors directory.