Error -201484 When Synchronizing Multiple cDAQ Chassis With 9469

Updated Nov 30, 2023

Reported In


  • NI-9469


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

I need to synchronize multiple cDAQ chassis using NI-9469 synchronization module.

I correctly configured the NI 9469 in Measurement & Automation Explorer for all the cDAQ chassis. In particular, the master cDAQ chassis has 9219 modules installed, while the slave cDAQ chassis has 9218 modules connected. Then, I created a MultiChassis Task in LabVIEW including all channels from all the C Series modules.

However, I got the following error when running the LabVIEW application:

Error -201484 occurred at

Possible reason(s):

The current task contains channels from both delta-sigma and non delta-sigma devices. Make sure the first channel in the task is from a delta-sigma device and that it is located in a chassis that is able to share signals with its slave chassis through an NI 9469.



As the error message suggests, when a task is containing channels from both delta-sigma and non delta-sigma devices, the first channel in the task needs to be from a delta-sigma device.

As shown in C Series Device Groupings DAQmx help page, 9219 module is not considered a delta-sigma module but a slow-sample device since it has a delta-sigma ADC but with analog pre-filtering components which leads to a different hardware architecture.

If you need to synchronize two cDAQ chassis with 9219 and 9218 modules, you should ensure that the master chassis is the one with 9218 modules (which are actually delta-sigma modules) and that 9218 channels are the first included in the multichassis task.

Additional Information

If you are not using the 9469 module for synchronization, but are receiving this error, ensure your system set up is compatible with multi-chassis device tasks.

If you don't configure the 9469 synchronization modules in NI MAX, error -201483 will be returned instead:

Error -201483 occurred at

Possible reason(s):

The selected master for the configured multi-device task is not able to export signals. Make sure that the first channel in the task is from a device on a chassis that has an NI 9469 capable of exporting signals to the slave devices. If you have any delta-sigma modules in your task, at least one must be in the master chassis..

You need to correctly configure the 9469 in MAX to fix the error.