'Installation Failed' Error When Reinstalling Software on Linux RT Target in MAX

Updated Dec 4, 2017

Reported In


  • cRIO-9068
  • cRIO-9066
  • cRIO-9038
  • cRIO-9039
  • sbRIO-9637
  • CVS-1459RT
  • IC-3172


  • NI-RIO
  • NI CompactRIO


This can occur on remote targets running NI Linux Real-Time OS.

Issue Details

I am trying to install software onto my NI Linux Real-Time target using NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX), but I received the following error:

"Installation failed while transferring files to the remote host. Either the disk on the remote host has become damaged or your software installation is corrupt."

In addition, the controller shows up as 'Disconnected' in NI-MAX, and information such as physical memory and disk capacity are unavailable.


  1. Run the script in the target located at /usr/local/bin/updateNIDrivers
  2. Alternatively, consult the manual of your device and reboot it into safe mode
  3. Reformat/Uninstall software on the target, before attempting to reinstall software

Additional Information

This problem is related to a known issue with NI-KAL, the kernel abstraction layer on NI Linux RT targets. The issue occurs when NI-KAL based drivers do not properly rebuild driver dependencies during the reinstall process.

One example is observed if your NI Linux RT target already has NI-DAQmx and NI-IMAQdx installed, and you attempt to reinstall NI-IMAQdx.


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