How Can I Configure the Digital Logic Levels On the 6515 Card?

Updated Nov 14, 2017

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  • PXI-6515

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I am using a 6515 card to generate a digital output signal. How can I configure the card to have a 28V high logic level?


Each bank of the 6515 is isolated so it requires that each channel that outputs a digital signal, be provided an external voltage. The external voltage that you apply to the port determines the digital high logic. For example, if you apply 12V to one port and 28V to another the digital high logic will be 12V for the first signal and 28V for the second signal respectively (Vcc = digital high). The maximum voltage you can send into the card is 30V. 

Additional Information

Digital inputs on the 6515 operate on 24V logic. What this means is that, when the signal you send into the card is between +/-11V and +/-30V it will be registered as high and 0V to +/-4V it will be registered as low. The maximum input you can send into the card is 30V


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