Can NI Products Interface to I2S Protocol?

Updated Nov 22, 2023

Issue Details

I want to communicate with an integrated circuit that has a I²S (I2S) interface. What is I²S and can I use it with NI's products?


You can use NI software and hardware to generate and acquire I²S signals. The series of high-speed digital IO products have the required speeds and buffer capabilities for I²S applications. You can find examples to perform I²S generation in LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI:

Additional Information

Inter-IC Sound interface (I²S) is a serial bus protocol developed by Philips Semiconductors. I²S is a serial link dedicated to data transfer between ICs in digital audio systems. It consists of three lines: serial data (SD) for two time-division multiplexed channels; left/right channel word select (WS); and a serial clock (SCL), which allows the receiver and transmitter to have the same clock signal for data transmission.

For more information on the I²S protocol please visit NXP website.