NI-XNET Error -1074384878: Maximum Number of Frames Has Been Exceeded

Updated Apr 28, 2023

Reported In


  • CAN Interface Device



Issue Details

I am creating a large NI-XNET system and keep running into limitations on the number of frames and sessions I use.

The error code that accompanies this is -1074384878 with the message stating "the maximum number of frames has been exceeded." regardless of which of the limits above has been reached.

What are the defined limitations of the NI-XNET API?


There are a few hard limits, which are not documented in the NI-XNET manual. They are, however, addressed in the NI-XNET API as error codes. These limits are:
  • ​Maximum of 500 frames that can be used per physical CAN port/interface.
  • Maximum of 8 Frame Input Stream sessions that can be created and active at any one time per CAN port/interface.
  • Single sessions are limited only by system memory.
  • Maximum number of sessions per system is 8192 where each session can use more than one frame, so long as the previous conditions are met.

Additional Information

This is a known issue by National Instruments and will be addressed in future releases of the NI-XNET drivers.