Where is the Download Installer through NI Update Service?

Updated Jan 9, 2023

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  • NI Update Service

Issue Details

I downloaded an update software through NI Update Service. Where is the installer for this update stored on my computer?


The download installer is stored in one location on your computer, depending on your operating system. The default location is displayed in the table below.
 Operating System File Path                                             
 Windows 10      
 Windows 8/8.1 
 Windows 7         
 Windows Vista  
 <ProgramData>\National Instruments\Update Service\Installers
 Windows XP       <National Instruments>\Installers

Additional Information

To change the file path of where the updates are saved to, open NI Update Service and navigate to File»Preferences

Following a successful installation of an update, you may delete the installer to free up disk space.