COMSOFT & KUNBUS Differences in PROFINET & PROFIBUS Hardware & Drivers

Updated Jan 6, 2023

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Issue Details

  • I have bought PROFINET or PROFIBUS hardware from NI. When installing drivers for LabVIEW 2016 or earlier, it is named COMSOFT. However, the hardware that I received is branded KUNBUS.
  • I have bought PROFINET or PROFIBUS hardware before summer 2017 from NI that is branded as COMSOFT, however, the new drivers are named KUNBUS.


  • While the brand of the drivers and product may seem different, NI anticipates that there should be no impact on product functionality or performance.
  • You can use a KUNBUS-branded driver with existing COMSOFT-branded hardware. You can also use COMSOFT-branded driver with KUNBUS-branded hardware.
  • There is no change to the API structure, and existing applications would not need to be updated. However, the name palette in LabVIEW will be updated to reflect the new module name.

Additional Information

KUNBUS GmbH acquired the Industrial Communication product lines of COMSOFT GmbH, which required changes to manufacturing operations of NI's PROFINET and PROFIBUS products.

This ownership change is reflecting in the updated branding of the PROFINET and PROFIBUS hardware, reflected below:
Old NI Part No.New NI Part No.Order-able Part No.Description
198983A-01198983B-01780160-01PCI PROFIBUS Master/Slave Interface, 1-Port
198984A-01198984B-01780161-01PXI PROFIBUS Master/Slave Interface, 1-Port
150252A-01150252B-01781351-01CompactRIO PROFIBUS DP Slave Module, 1-Port
150251A-01150251B-01781352-01CompactRIO PROFIBUS DP Master/Slave Module, 1-Port
152846A-01152846B-01782131-01CompactRIO PROFINET Slave Module