Cable Length for NI-CAN Interfaces

Updated Jun 28, 2023

Issue Details

I am building a CAN bus and I need to know the maximum length of the CAN Bus, or the maximum distance between end Nodes. Additionally, what is the maximum distance that any Node can be from the main CAN bus?


NI sells CAN cables of 1m and 2m length.

If you need longer cables for your application, confirm with the NI product documentation for your device, the XNET Manual, and/or the SAE J2411 or ISO 11898, CiA DS 102, and DeviceNet specifications. You may need to create your own cable or purchase from a third party. NI cannot guarantee your application will work outside of the cables NI sells.

Specific information for Cable Length and Requirements for a NI product can be found the Getting Started Guide and/or User Manual of the specific product. For example, for the NI 9862, the Getting Started Guide has a section for Cabling Requirements for the NI 9862.