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What is the Maximum Cable Length For a CAN Bus?

Updated Jan 23, 2019

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All CAN devices

Issue Details

I am building a CAN bus and I need to know the maximum length of the CAN Bus, or the maximum distance between end Nodes. Additionally, what is the maximum distance that any Node can be from the main CAN bus?


If a cable stub (un-terminated cable) or T-connector is used to tap into the bus line, then the stub distance should not exceed 0.3m at 1Mbit/s rate per. DS 102 Version 2.0.

Additional Information

The CAN bus is designed to be setup using a bus network topology.  You cannot use a star or a ring topology. The CAN specifications limit how far a device can be attached from the bus. Below is an illustration that depicts how the bus should be setup. 

If you are using a fault tolerant or low-speed bus it will require you to provide termination at every node. If you have a high-speed bus it will require termination at the two ends of the bus. Generally you would place the Master at one end of the bus (node 1) but It is also possible to have the master connected in the middle with no termination, with termination at the nodes at the end of the bus line.



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