How to Use Vernier SensorDAQ® with LabVIEW and DAQmx

Updated Dec 28, 2023



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Vernier SensorDAQ®

I have the Vernier SensorDAQ®.  Does this device work with NI LabVIEW?

The SensorDAQ is a USB data acquisition module that was sold by Vernier that uses the NI-DAQmx driver and NI LabVIEW. It is no longer sold by Vernier.

The official Vernier SensorDAQ® page has links to the SensorDAQ® driver, example programs, and a readme file. The SensorDAQ® driver must be installed to use the device with Vernier sensors.

In order to use the SensorDAQ® with LabVIEW, the following requirements must be met:
  1. LabVIEW 2009 or newer
  2. NI-DAQmx  and SensorDAQ® driver
  3. Windows 2000 or newer
  4. A USB port
The SensorDAQ® screw terminal connector can be accessed using DAQmx without needing Vernier's SensorDAQ® driver. The screw terminal connector contains 2 analog input channels, 4 digital I/O lines, 1 analog output channel, and 1 counter.

Additional Information

The Vernier SensorDAQ® is not compatible with Vernier Logger Pro® software.