Which Real-Time Targets Support Ethernet over USB?

Updated Dec 22, 2023

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  • cRIO-9068

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I have heard that certain NI real-time targets support the Ethernet over USB feature. Which Real-Time Targets Support Ethernet over USB?


Almost all targets that run an NI Linux Real-Time Operating System will support Ethernet over USB. You can find which Real-Time Operating System your controller is equipped with here.

The exception is the cRIO-9068 that runs an NI Linux Real-Time Operating System, but does not support an Ethernet over USB. It will only support a standard Ethernet connection. 

Below is an example of a CompactRIO 903x target that supports Ethernet over USB through its USB Type B port. 

Additional Information

An Ethernet over USB connection allows the device's USB port to be emulated as an Ethernet device. An automatic DHCP network is created over the USB device port, which allows for system updates apart from the physical Ethernet connection. The server assigns new targets IP addresses from block 172.22.11.*. This allows for a more streamlined configuration, deployment, debugging, and maintenance experience. 

The connection type does not have to be over a USB Type B port; NI's Industrial Controllers and Compact Vision Systems support Ethernet over USB through a USB Type A port.